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Through Equine Guided Education (EGE), horses can show us how to live authentically, courageously and create sustainable, purposeful change.

Change is inevitable. As humans, we encounter a significant change every 5-7 years. Whether the change is desired or outside of our control, it often brings some difficulty and discomfort. Self-judgment can cloud our thinking and our perceived choices. Our moods and stressors can reduce our capacity to take action or limit our space of possibility. We can become stuck, or unfulfilled, feeling lost, and even helpless.

When we find ourselves searching for answers to the following questions, it is a sign that we have reached a point of change:

    • Who am I now?
    • What is my new story?
    • Where do I belong?
    • What is my life’s purpose?

At this point of change, or crossroad, the horse can assist and guide us. Offering a genuine reflection of ourselves, the horse provides an unbiased, visible acknowledgement of our innermost feelings and beliefs. They empower us to develop new perceptions of reality and what is possible. The horse supports us in arriving at a place of peace and clarity, releasing us from self-imposed resistance to change and accelerating our ability to move forward with clear intention and practical action.

Those who experience Equine Guided Education enjoy:

    • Greater job/career satisfaction
    • Better health, lower blood pressure
    • Reduction or elimination of chronic pain
    • Better communication, improved relationships
    • Reduced anxiety
    • Clarity of purpose

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