Hallie Bigliardi is a Level Five Certified SkyHorseEGE™ Coach and Instructor and the author of Take Back the Reins – The Truth About Why You’re Stuck and How to Get Moving Again (available in fall 2018).

Hallie facilitates and coaches individual EGE sessions and group workshops using her uniquely integrated approach, which honors the interconnected aspects of the body, mind, spirit, and soul, to address the challenges we all face in the process of human development and life. Hallie specializes in helping clients who feel “stuck” in their current life circumstances find unseen possibilities and options, leading to personal freedom and empowerment through heart-centered choice. Through Hallie’s personal and professional experiences and continuing education, she has become an expert in the areas of relationships, authentic communication, and facilitating transformational breakthroughs.

In 2010, Hallie completed the SkyHorseEGE™ certification program. Under the instruction and mentorship of Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, founder of SkyHorseEGE™, Hallie spent the next eight years developing her skills as a facilitator and coach by staffing and teaching for SkyHorseEGE™ programs, while simultaneously becoming an instructor in the SkyHorseEGE™ certification course, helping to certify hundreds of people from all over the world in the work of Equine Guided Education.

“Hallie embodies EGE as a way of being – a way of being present, with the fine-tuned skill of listening deeply and without judgement ‘just like a horse’ and the coaching skills to know when to allow those quiet spaces and when to offer astute observations gleaned from years of training.” ~Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi

In addition to the principles of SkyHorseEGE™, Hallie draws from her extensive study of human development themes through the lens of archetypes from Caroline Myss’ Sacred Contracts course, as well as the Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology work of Robert Ohotto’s Soul Destinies course. With these added dimensions and perspective, Hallie bridges the psychology of human development and the practices of somatics and the body-mind-spirit concept with the themes and language of the soul. By combining complementary aspects of these philosophies and methods with Equine Guided Education, Hallie has developed a unique and effective approach for getting unstuck and moving forward toward meaningful change.

Hallie continues to offer individual EGE sessions and group workshop near her home in San Jose, California, as well as collaborative EGE workshops in Maryland and Colorado. Hallie is a guest lecturer for students of the Equine Science program at Colorado State University, helping to further their learning of equine behavior and the benefits of horse-human interaction.

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