Change is a catalyst that can push you toward personal growth and development. And as a human being wired for survival, you have internal resources to aid you in making these changes—your mind, creativity and intellect, energy and will, intuition, and your ability to learn new skills and use tools. It is through the experience of change that you learn, adapt, and develop resilience.

Adapting to an unexpected or unwanted change can be particularly difficult. You may have been the victim of a crime or some other unfavorable situation, and something inside you wants to go back to the way things were before. But you are forever changed by what happened, and you cannot go back.

Situations like this can shake your sense of security and contribute to a feeling of powerlessness. While you may have been powerless in preventing the situation or event, you are not powerless in choosing your response. You don’t have to remain a victim. You have an opportunity to integrate your experience in a way that serves you.

Recognizing that you are in a change and choosing to engage in it consciously is a necessary step to getting unstuck. Conscious choice allows us to choose a response rather than blindly react.

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