Power of Choice

Every day we are met with thousands of choices. But we often don’t recognize the opportunity to choose because we unconsciously allow our habits and conditioning to control our actions. We’re on autopilot, functioning with pre-programed patterns. As long as things in...

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Embracing Change

Change is a catalyst that can push you toward personal growth and development. And as a human being wired for survival, you have internal resources to aid you in making these changes—your mind, creativity and intellect, energy and will, intuition, and your ability to...

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Humans Aren’t Cookies

When it comes to difficulties and challenges, it’s human nature to look for the easiest way out. We want a silver bullet that will solve the problem. We look for ways to break a problem down into smaller components. We put them into categories, and we create formulas...

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Stuck and It Sucks

"I’m stuck, and it sucks!” How many times have we thought that? No one likes being stuck. No one likes feeling the frustration. Sometimes being stuck slows us down as we move toward a goal; other times it can stop us in our tracks. In some cases, it’s annoying, in...

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