“I’m stuck, and it sucks!” How many times have we thought that? No one likes being stuck. No one likes feeling the frustration. Sometimes being stuck slows us down as we move toward a goal; other times it can stop us in our tracks. In some cases, it’s annoying, in others, it’s a matter of life and death.

More often, our stuckness causes a gradual seeping away of our life force, vitality, and the zest of living life fully. In our younger years, with a lot of life still in front of us, this may not seem so pressing. But as we age and transition into mid-life, the loss of life force begins to take a toll, and there becomes an urgency to getting unstuck.

Allowing yourself to stay stuck comes with a cost to your health and your relationships. Feeling stuck can make you tired, drained, apathetic. Maybe you’ve become numb, and you don’t feel anything at all. No zest for life. No inspiration. Nothing to look forward to. Or maybe you are restless, unable to relax or settle. You can’t sleep. You may feel detached, like you are living someone else’s life, or perhaps it feels like everyone else’s needs are more important than yours. Your heart aches for the feeling of freedom to pursue the life you desire. Something in you wants to run away from this life, to run toward your dream, but you don’t. Maybe you’ve recognized this and you have tried to address it, but so far, nothing has worked. Something is in your way. You are stuck, and it sucks!

To get unstuck, it’s not enough to simply recognize that something is not working for you, and you want it to change. Recognition is a step, but it is not enough to make it happen. You need awareness and action. In order to realize a breakthrough, you must first bring awareness to what is keeping you stuck, and then you must take action to change it.

It is important to note that most people wanting a breakthrough find that they need additional support in the form of a guide, coach, mentor, or facilitator who can be an external observer and offer feedback on the things they cannot see. As motivational speaker Les Brown says, “You can’t see the picture when you are in the frame.”

I recommend finding someone who can help you bring awareness to what’s in your way—what’s blocking you from feeling the freedom to make a change and move forward with your life.

Life is too short to stay stuck!

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